Q: Can my family members take advantage of my LifeAid membership?

A: Yes. As the principal LifeAid member, your spouse or partner, dependants up to the age of 21, as well as student dependents under the age of 25 will have access to the benefits that your LifeAid membership affords you. If you would like to utilise LifeAid's services for other family members, friends or members of the public, the costs incurred will be for your account as the main member.

Q: Does LifeAid guarantee that the information the medical experts provide me with is accurate?

A: Our medical experts are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate informative and detailed medical information possible. Although the diagnosis of medical conditions will need to be confirmed by your health care professional, in person, LifeAid's experts have the required knowledge, qualifications and experience to assist you with your queries, efficiently and resourcefully.

Q: What qualifications do the LifeAid medical professionals have?

A: Our capable team consists of qualified doctors, nursing sisters and paramedics. This ensures that you will have access to a wealth of medical information from a highly reputable and reliable source.

Q: How will LifeAid assist me in an emergency?

A: LifeAid is committed to providing you with the fastest route to medical assistance in an emergency, with minimal health risk.

Here's what support you can expect from LifeAid in a medical emergency:

  • Referrals to dependable and experienced health care professionals, including but not limited to GP's and health specialists.
  • Information about the medical facilities nearest to you
  • In addition, in life-threatening emergencies LifeAid will deploy the relevant medical transport services. This includes transport by air or road ambulance. Life threatening emergencies include those caused by road accidents, sudden medical events (heart attacks or strokes), accidents resulting in grievous bodily harm, and many more.

Please note that if you as the main member have a medical aid policy, any emergency medical transport will be recovered from your medical aid, whereas if you don't have a medical aid, the cost incurred will be covered by LifeAid